Casa Vissani

Vissani for you

chef at home

Your event, Our event!

Are you looking for something unusual to touch your friends?

Find out now Vissani 4 you...


5 masterchef hits to make your place shine and take part into the fine dining world:

  1. Territory promotion through excellent raw materials selection, in order to create your own vissani menu, only for you.

  2. Masterchef and facility staff will welcome all the guests telling them their story.

  3. Extreme care in every single detail selection, both in dining room and kitchen, for a successful event.

  4. Talk between guests and masterchef about food&wine industry and a lot of secrets to be revealed.

  5. Vissani suggests... some raw materials suppliers to secure high quality standards to the facility.

(dedicated to public places and accommodation facilities only.)

For "Vissani for you", send your request to, we will take care to give you all the informations.

It is allowed to use vissani image to promote the event only. the applicant facility will manage the communication, Casavissani will share it on its own social medias because Your event will be Our event!.

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