Casa Vissani


Vissani's Three Level's Proposal


Casa Vissani is the only Restaurant where the tasting is exclusive, you can choose from the same menu 4, 5 or 6 courses… become passionate!

Available from FEBRUARY 23RD 2017

The Menu

  • Peanuts with passion fruit, hamachi and wild salmon (D, E, I)
  • Red mullet with clementine mustard, apple, turmeric and zucchini(D, I, J)
  • Raw scampi with mango, peated whiskey and caviar (A, B, D, F)
  • Raw heifer, plum grappa, orange carrots, grappa ice cream (G, I)
  • Papaya soup, savoy cabbage, cabbage lettuce, tuscan kale, seabass, elderberry with raschera cheese (D, G, I)
  • Carnaroli rice, turnip tops, pecorino cheese and fish roe with erotic chili pepper (D, G, I)
  • Scallops ravioli with black garlic, silver skin onion and saffron (I, N)
  • Lamb sweetbreads with almonds, avocado, black salsify and taggiasche olives (G, H)
  • Sponge cake with zabaglione, extra virgin olive oil drops, dark chocolate, a cinnamon and pear bar (A, C, I, G, L)
  • Small pastry and pralines

The Rates

  • 1st Level (3 courses) € 90,00 per person
  • 2nd Level (6 courses) € 180,00 per person
  • 3rd Level (complete proposal) € 250,00 per person

Cheese cart selection or “in box” cheese € 30,00 per person

*Prices refer to the three different levels excluding wine and extras

Coeliac No Problem!

The spread of Coeliac desease in the last years has been impressive …we want to ask many questions and pay more attentions to all the people who love good eating !
Dedicated Gluten free menus with taste … without regrets!
Discover CasaVissani…discover pleasure again!

Coeliac… No Problem!.. only upon previous reservation!

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