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Territori 2024

“TerritOri”, the new Traditional Restaurant of our Golden Lands

TerritORI , the big news at CasaVissani in 2024
In our awesome Rock Dining Room, inside CasaVissani, this brand new Restaurant is born from an idea of Luca Vissani, to carry out the project to put the Traditional Restaurant alongside the Gourmet one in the same facility, in addition to our refined and well-cared wonderful rooms.

TerritORI becomes than our new jewel, affordable to many, that will tell you about an immediate and tasty cuisine, a dynamic but polite service and an essential and restrained wine list, everything surrounded by an elegant but friendly setting, as it has always been at CasaVissani

In Rock Dining Room only, both for lunch and dinner, from Thursday night till Sunday at lunch time, starting from June from Wednesday night till Sunday at lunch time

MENU TerritOri


Eggplants parmigiana, salted butter, chives and bufala (a,c,g,i) € 25

Panicale Bison tartare with Reggiano Parmesan and saffron (g,i) € 30

“Fattore Umbro” wallet omelette with Cannara onion and marjoram, chicken cacciatore (c,g,l) € 25

National Cold cuts and cheeses selection, fried gnocco (a,g) € 30

Wild salad with rainbow trout, tomatoes, legumes and Cimino toasted hazelnuts (d,h) € 25


Umbrichelli with pesto sauce (a,g,h) € 25

“Alla delinquenza” Colfiorito red potatoes gnocchetti
(tomato, basil, pecorino cheese and chili pepper) (a,g,i) € 25

Carnaroli with razor clams, pioppini mushrooms and black garlic (a,g,n,i) € 28

“Mattonella di Crosta fiorita Calcabrina” cheese Cappelletto with Scottona ragout (a,c,g,i) € 30


Castelluccio lentils liquid, beetroot, black truffle and extra virgin olive oil (d,i) € 30

Sweet and sour fried lattarini, squids and white shrimps (a,b,d,l,n) € 35

Carbonara veal fillet with chili pepper chicory (c,g,i)€ 38

Local lamb, mashed potatoes with black garlic and balsamic vinegar (g,l,i)€ 35


Zuppa inglese with lemon cream and parsley root, soy sauce and pear (a,c,f,g)€ 15

Tiramisù with zabaglione, coffee and ginger sauce (a,c,g)€ 15

Tartlet with apple and raspberry (a,c,g)€ 15

Crescionda with amaretti sauce (a,c,f,g,h) € 15

Small pastry and pralines (6 different kinds per person)
(minimum for 2 people, excluded from GetItAll Proposal) € 25


Cover charge, bread, focaccia and semolina breadsticks included
Free choice for a minimum of 2 courses , among First, Throughout and Afterwards per person, Swetnesses excluded.



Sparkling wine by the glass, TerritOri Vissani selection € 8

White wine by the glass, TerritOri Vissani selection € 7

Red wine by the glass, TerritOri Vissani selection € 10

Dessert wine by the glass, TerritOri Vissani selection € 7


Nepi and San Benedetto bottled water 0,66 cl € 4


Illy Coffee € 3

In addition to these proposals, you can freely choose wines from the TerritOri wine list

GetItAll TerritOri Vissani Proposal

Tasting dedicated to those who want to grasp every nuance of the TerritOri menu. 3 savory courses + dessert, free choice of one from every chapter

Price per Person€ 85,00
(wines, small pastry, pralines and extras excluded)

GetItAll TerritOri Vissani with Overnight

Discover opportunities to immerse yourself in the greenery of Umbria and be pampered by Casa Vissani.


Baby friend menu will be available for all the children at an extra charge at TerritOri Vissani
View baby friends

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